On-Line Concert

The concert will last approximately 30-35 minutes made up of  songs, video footage and photographs from previous concerts plus interviews with CCGC members about their choir experience.

The set list for the concert is as follows:

1. Kunjani : Please note that all parts have slight changes. To help with the recording there is a count of 3 before the part starts but it is not audible.
2. O Lord How Excellent
3. Dreaming Of A City
4. No Greater Love 
5. Waymaker

Scroll down the page and parts for all five songs are there in the usual format.

HOW TO DO YOUR RECORDINGS (Instructions from CeCelia)
The recordings will happen in two stages: Firstly you will need to record your vocals only! To this you will need two devices, one to listen to your part on and one to record to! You will also need a pair of headphones. Your individual parts are shown below. You need to plug your earphones into the device you’ll listen to your part on and sing along with me while recording yourself onto another device. Please try and sing exactly what I sing, all starts and stops the same, breathe when I breath and keep the pitch bright. When you’re happy with your vocal recordings please email them to me (cecelia@africanqueen.idps.co.uk) for checking.

Once I’ve OK’d your recordings, you will then use our vocal recording to repeat the same process as before, only you will be videoing yourself this time. Please use a plain light background (white/cream or any other light pastel colour) put your headphones in and mime to your recording while trying to look like you’re performing in concert.

Once you’re happy with your videos, please email them to me to be collated. Again try and be as accurate with your video miming as you wre with recoding your vocals. All videos MUST be completed by 31 October. It is a lot of work, but I have every confidence in each of you that you can do this and do it well.

If there’s anything you’re not sure about do please email me – I’m here to help. (cecelia@africanqueen.idps.co.uk)

Happy singing/videoing!