The Bass section comprises of just a few good men. But they have great fun and enjoy being part of such a lively choir. The ladies in the photograph all sing Tenor parts.


“At first I was apprehensive about joining a Choir and whether or not I would good enough, but the Choir have been very welcoming and a huge encouragement to me! The standards are high but there is a place for everyone. Celia, is a brilliant leader and brings out the best in all of us. The harmonies are fantastic and you just feel your body resonating when it all comes together. I love being part of it all, and whilst working hard to perfect the pieces, we do all have loads of fun and laugh a lot.”


Having previously had no singing experience whatsoever I have come to enjoy singing and being part of the choir. Our choir director, CeCelia, skillfully guides us through rehearsals and performances. I am in the bass section (we could do with a few more bass members). The choir achieves some wonderful harmonies. Outside of rehearsal we can listen to and learn our parts from the website but there is no pressure. You don’t have to be a great singer and it is all fantastic fun and extremely rewarding.